Why Down Under Visa?

What does Down Under Visa do for you?

We take away the guesswork and mistakes, and we substantially reduce the chances of failure. Finding the love of your life….that person whom you plan on spending the rest of your life together with……this is too important to mess about with, and too big a risk to take in order to save a few bucks. We know the law and the system, and we know the culture and the way things work in the Philippines.

We’re not just another “visa business”. Our service is friendly and human, as well as highly professional. We know we’re dealing with real people with hopes, dreams and fears. We’ve been in your position ourselves, don’t forget. We honestly care about the outcome of your visa application, and this is why we have such a high success rate. You’re in very safe hands with us.



We can (and do):

  • Find solutions for you, even those really difficult cases where you think you can’t get a visa, or where you’ve had a visa cancelled or an application refused
  • Assess and analyse your case with our E-Assess online assessment system
  • We give you and your partner a customised TO-DO LIST of documents and visa application requirements, based on your own unique situation. No “one size fits all” requirement checklists here!
  • Exclusive access to our Migration Hub, where you have handy 24/7 access to your To-Do List via PC, phone or tablet, and all the supporting information you will need:
    • Built-in information links to explain your requirements further and to answer questions you may have
    • Instructional videos and free books about Philippines culture and other practical information written for Down Under Visa clients by renowned author Perry Gamsby
  • Also speedy email support in English or Tagalog for those more difficult questions. No guesswork and no confusion. Mila Harvie is available to give support to Filipina lady applicants.
  • And we have an office here in Manila where (by appointment) we can meet you (sponsor or Filipina applicant). Aussie-English speakers always available!
  • We check and re-check all your documents and relationship evidence. We allow no room for mistakes which could harm your application.
  • We fill out the visa application forms for you. You don’t need to.
  • And we prepare and lodge the final application for you, and liaise with the Australian Embassy right through to the grant of the visa