Tourist and Other Visas

Other Australian Visas

Australian Tourist Visas (aka Visitor Visas)

Tourist Visas are temporary visas for short visits to Australia.

If you want to visit Australia for tourism purposes or to visit friends or family, we can apply to get you a tourist visa. If you are in a loving relationship with an Australian, or if you are an Australian who wants a romantic partner from the Philippines to visit you, then please use the FREE ASSESSMENT FORM. We have a great rate of success with genuine visa applicants, especially where the applicant is Filipina and the sponsor is Australian and they are in a loving relationship.



If you are a genuine visitor, especially if you wish to visit and spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend (or Australian fiancée, fiancé or spouse), then we can help you by preparing a visa application which is complete and honest and which meets the Regulations in Australian Migration Law. We assess you with our e-Assess online assessment process so we can give you a to-do list of visa requirements that are right for your situation. No “one size fits all” checklists with Down Under Visa. We can then check those visa requirements that you send us for correctness. We are very thorough and we are absolutely honest. No lies or scams. No clever schemes to fool the authorities. Our success rate in 2013 was 98% tourist visa grants, and we did this without ever telling lies.

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Australian Family Visas

Family visas available include Contributory Parent Visas and Contributory Aged Parent Visas. To qualify for a parent visa to Australia depends on your age, your health and the number of children you have living in Australia. Older parents who are currently visiting family in Australia may be eligible to remain there.

There are  Child Visas available for natural and adopted children, and Dependent Child Visas for kids who are financially dependent on you and studying full time.


And there are New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visas for those New Zealand Citizens who reside in Australia on “Special Category Visas” to bring family members including spouses and de facto spouses. Please use the free PARTNER ASSESSMENT FORM to see if we can help you.


Citizenship By Descent

Do you have a child born overseas who has at least one Australian Citizen as a parent?

If the child is born where at least one biological parent is a Citizen, then the child will be entitled to apply for Australian Citizenship By Descent. The child will then be entitled to apply for an Australian passport, and can travel to and remain in Australia. No visa necessary.

If you have a legitimate claim, we can prepare and lodge an application for the child.

To see if we can help you, please fill out our FREE ASSESSMENT FORM