Need an Australian Visa?

Need an Australian Visa?

  • Australian Registered Migration Agents
  • Australian Partner Visa specialists, ie Fiancee Visas (Prospective Marriage Visas) and Spouse Visas (Partner Visas)
  • A friendly family-run practicee – not a cold corporation
  • All Australian visa applications handled personally and expertly by Jeff Harvie RMA– never by unqualified staff
  • Our office is in Manila, with local access to the Australian Embassy, and on-hand to help Filipino clients, and with years of experience with the country and the culture. Jeff and Mila Harvie are here all the time.

Down Under Visa

Down Under Visa provides applicants and sponsors with expert visa and immigration advice. Jeff Harvie, Registered Migration Agent (M.A.R.N. 0959797) and consultant in Australian Migration Law, and his family-based team support and guide applicants and their families through all stages of the often scary and complex migration process. Our main office is in Manila.

We are specialists in fiancée (Prospective Marriage Visa) and spouse (Partner Visa) visas, particularly from Philippines. We are qualified and experienced…..which includes first-hand experience, as we went through the partner visa process ourselves many years ago. We not only have the ability to help you, but we understand and empathize with what you’re going through.

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